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Luminescence: The Divine and Powerful by Foule Luminescence: The Divine and Powerful by Foule
Meet Luminescence. 

Vain, Arrogant, Extremely powerful, and very much full of herself... when she isn't talking about herself in your presence... as she plans to step on you, or your entire city - all because you insulted her when she was just trying to INTRODUCE herself... with her flagrant and flamboyant ways. (I know... ironic, huh?) 

She is a powerful Earth Pony, fueled by Dark Magic - distributed by a fully drained (and worthless) Orchid that is across her mane. (Well, worthless to anyone that wants to steal it that is - her body has drained every last bit of power there is to offer.)

While her sizes vary, she is RARELY ever a normal sized pony (if at all). She is not one to oversee anything there is to brag about herself; like her Sky Blue coat that she grooms appropriately every day, her green eyes (that were changed from their original Blue color - due to the Orchid's dark magic), or even her mane and tail - above other things that she'd brag about. 

Now, in the case that you wish to know about what her abilities are, hers likes/dislikes, and her background story... here they are. XD


Luminescence is a pony with a Sky Blue coat, White Mane, and Sky Blue Highlights. The same goes for her tail. She has Seafoam Green Eyes (when not glowing), but bright Green when the dark magic within her is in use. She has an Orchid Blossom on her mane, of which the source of her magic (although vastly drained) rests on her head.

Her Cutie Mark is that of a Growing Pony, stomping on the Earth itself

Stats and Abilities: 

Luminescence is capable of using her vast power to do many great things. She can alter any landscape by stomping her hooves down, levitate ponies with her powers, grow to impossible sizes (and beyond), become an army of herself, and even use abilities that a powerful Alicorn can use. However, her abilities do have restrictions – she cannot change the skies or the weather, nor can she change the mindsets of other ponies through mind control. (In other words, her abilities are PHYSICAL in nature - not mental.) 

One of her most favorite abilities to use, is the ability to enlarge others, and influence them with her power – by doing so, her Dark Magic power grows.


In her past, Luminescence was an ambitious trader and archeologist that wanted the thrill of a good chase. As a filly, a young Luminescence would be seen exploring caves, swamps, bogs, and even abandoned locales for the chase of obtaining any “treasure.” In doing so, she would get frequently injured, and overtime – her friends as well. Time passed, and she would lose her friends due to the many dangers that somepony like her would bring to them.

Her parents, when she was growing up, had witnessed her many injuries – and the bills were piling up. This would culminate one day, as they would no longer allow her to do what she had enjoyed doing most: Exploration. She would run away from home, carry on to a new life – however difficult she would have it in the first place.  Working odd jobs, she would send letters to her family, letting her know that she was doing fine – even if she had ran away from home.

One day, her luck would soon change – as she found a pony as passionate to her, as it came to her love of exploration – an Author by the name: A.K. Yearling. However, she would eventually know her as “Daring Do.” Daring, not one to trust many ponies would brush off young Luminescence. This would upset, but embolden the young mare further. That was until she was caught by the eye of one “Tosser, the Ruthless”, a Vulture Archeologist that was ambitious, and was a foil to the bold Daring Do. Hiring Luminescence, and guiding her under his wing – Luminescence would be a foil to Daring, in being a archeologist and a thief.

As she was walking through the bizarres of a small town in Saddle Arabia, a crooked merchant would speak of a “Flower Field” that would grant her the greatest of wishes – for a price: Her Soul. INTERESTED in this soon-to-be-treasure, the young archeologist would extract the information to the location of such a field of flowers. 4 Days later, and without a word spoken to anyone – Luminescence would see herself in a bind: Running low on water, food, and injured (story of her life), she would find what she was looking for – just a mere distance away.

Her body, weakened by great pain, humidity, and dehydration – death was as close as she was to the field of flowers, but her determination would edge her onward. One final stretch – and mere minutes from certain death – she would reach the flowers. A hoof smashing the orchid. The sap of the Orchids themselves would delicately touch the near-dead pony, only for the Dark Magic aid in the recovery of the young mare.

Rejuvenated, the young mare was exhilarated to be back on her own two feet. The Dark Magic further fueling her body back into being. However, it wouldn’t be long before Luminescence would recall her memories of being “The Greatest” there is. However, Dark Magic, being the way it is – NEVER was specific to the idea of “The Greatest”, thus – Luminescence would begin to grow.

… and Grow…

… and Grow…

… and GROW…

… Bigger…

… Bigger…

… and BIGGER still!

Luminescence was NOW a Giant Earth Pony. Fueled by ambition, desire, and determination – it would conflict with the will of the Dark Magic.

However, Unnatural for such power to recede, the Dark Magic would be overwhelmed in a matter of minutes. Luminescence would DRAIN the Dark Magic entirely without as much as a struggle. However, in doing so, Luminescence would notice behavior changes, appearances changes, and even changes in occupation. She considered herself a “Flawless Giantess” and desired to make every last one of her whims – a reality.

Up until now, Luminescence has been notorious for her sense of being overwhelming, ambitious, and even vain. Her current occupation however, is just trying to be recognized by ALL of Equestria (hail or high water.) She however is having... “trouble” (and by “trouble", I refer to ponies getting smashed, sat upon, and even stepped on by her enormous form.)

Being a Giant, Growing Endlessly Huge, showing off her abilities, showing off (herself), being superior to other ponies (even if others see her as “crazy” or “vain.”) Being the biggest (although tempting when she is with friends, or those she is a BIG fan of.) …And fancy dresses… fancy dresses indeed. (Not to mention Giant, handsome Stallions.)

Things BIGGER than her. NOT being the Biggest (unless she is with friends that she likes, or is near her idols…) Giant Ponies that THINK they are better than her? (Irony, huh?) A certain… PINK PONY (a certain incident happened – something involving a Giant Cake, Confetti Cannons… and having to pay debts to the town, because the mayor fined her for the destruction of the town?) … Chocolate Rain. Oh… and she most CERTAINLY HATES being disrespected. (She has a way with dealing with such… “rabble” - Sitting on them, or stepping on them – flat.)

There you have it: Luminescence - who she is, why she is the way she is.. and the like. 

Inspired by the incredible ladies: :iconprincess-sharp: and :iconstarlight-dazzle: 

Influenced with the imagination of one: :iconchimcharlover13:

And mastered into craft by the incredibly talented: :icongamefreakdx:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: is sole property of Hasbro Games & Entertainment and Studio DHX.

Luminescence is a character owned by me: :iconfoule:

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tyler2135 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017
Let those humans worship you!
golferdude666 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016
Lumi sounds like the kind of pony I'd get along with and like to get to know more.
Foule Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
There is one sure-fire way for you to get to contact her... but I do warn you, she is very STERN that you introduce her in such a limelight, otherwise, she won't notice you.

(*In an MLP "Tradition" I reveal to you a large SCROLL.) Yeah... Luminescence instructed my to give this to folks that would love to know her... or, in her phrase: "TO BASK IN HER ENDLESS GLORY, BEAUTY, AND POWER."

However, if you have special requests in mind, like being squashed by her huge flank? Make certain you ask NICELY. She is more responsive to those that are rude to her. Heh.

I do warn you, she has quite the ego. XD
Nyarx Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
My main Pony oc is a 500+ year old Dragopony named Tragov Scales. He is a legendary Alchemist, Mage, Scholar, and Knight who protected the nation of Equestria 500 years ago alongside other Knights. He was imprisoned in a powerful seal for 500 years till he was able to slip out. Right now he's just wandering around after redeeming himself to his country, continuing his studies and protecting anypony in need.

He's Mature and level headed with an imaginative curiosity of a scientist and the pride of a dragon while trying to keep his greed of a dragon under control. Though he likes to focus on his work, he's not above having a fun time.(He's also pretty dang handsome, but I ain't boasting)

What would she think of him?
Foule Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015
ONLY IF he doesn't insult her by calling her names. She doesn't mind ponies, so as long as they know to keep their tongue in-check when coming with "smart quips" about her and her appearance. Beyond that point, it is all about herself - as she is a vain pony herself. So don't go around insulting her - just tolerate her ways, and all will be fine. 

After all, at BEST, she is Tolerable - for she doesn't go far with her boasting (that it becomes lies), nor does she throw her weight around because she can. She speaks of herself - when she feels that it's all about her. Give her an inch, and she will take her miles, is all. It's rare when she thinks of others in her limelight, but when they do, she is one to let them show their worth.
Nyarx Featured By Owner Edited Jul 6, 2015
Then in that case, let's put their interaction to the test, shall we?
x-Darkie-x Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Student Artist
Piptony: Oh another giantess pony?   There is one purple one.  Now you.  *giggle*  I will like to serve for you.  *giggle*  Will you let me lick your hoof?  I believe your hoof is dirty because you were stomping around.  <3
T-on-DA Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015
Now I'll admit - I don't care much for my little pony. It's art style maybe, but not the show. However, I find your character somewhat interesting. By giving them a reason for being arrogant and vain, which is a result of "Tosser" (What an appropriate name) and the corruption of dark magic. Well, not so much a result and more so being due to the fact they simply amplified these traits. It's also nice to see some clear, pastel colours 

Although this type of "Giantess" is rather common, I find the backstory rather intriguing and interesting, which is a nice change of pace from the generic "Original" characters I tend to see the fandom spawn. I must say I'm thoroughly impressed. But to be fair, I will offer a few critiques.

1. This is less of a critique and more of a question, but whatever happened to this "Tosser"? We know she still worked for the man- Err, bird when she went hunting for the plant, but what happens afterwards? We get a mention of change of occupation, but I seriously doubt someone's title as "Tosser the Ruthless" would just let one of his "employees" go.

2. I get she is meant to be powerful, but the whole "use abilities that a powerful Alicorn can use" seems a bit odd. Granted, you did mention it was purely physical, but mentioning that strikes me as odd, even with the whole dark magic thing.

3. Expanding upon the previous note, with the way you wrote it, you make it seem like there's no maximum cap to how her abilities can increase. This worries me as this can easily lead to a character becoming a "Mary sue". Especially with size changing abilities and, as seen in the powers, "become an army of herself" can very quickly lead to the character being too overpowered. There's no clear "Weaknesses" or issues she has, which is even more Sue-ish. A character, whilst they can have subtle weaknesses, should still have a weakness, even if only subtly mentioned. From what I've seen, the closest we've got is if someone (Somehow) took away her dark magic, with the only likely character being "Discord" (I do my research) as he has taken away abilities in the past.

Please bear in mind that this is not an assault and thinking I'm calling your character bad, this is simply a critique, to show some issues with the character and maybe improve them a little.
Foule Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015
1) I have yet to consider the full backstory as to her employer "Tosser, the Ruthless." But he is a foil to Daring Do mostly. Tosser would be the kind of vulture that seeks out great talents - so there can be a true implication that she still works WITH Tosser, and NOT for Tosser. (After all, Luminescence has never been known to be an ungrateful pony at all. Tosser gave her the opportunity that others didn't - thus, in a way, granting her what she is today.) 

2) I can see where this came from. Honestly, I couldn't phrase it easier at the time, so if I do (and that would be an "if") find a way to word it more clearly, by all means, I will update the stats and abilities section then. Until then, my awkward wording will stay as is.

3) While she has such power - she can't control minds, or change weather or the like. This does mean that Discord CAN take her abilities - but oddly enough, not the power that has been drained from the Orchid. Then again, she has yet to meet Discord himself - or Terrik for that matter. She is vain, arrogant, and quite witty o her feet - but she is capable of being prone to being manipulated by those like Discord as well. She has the vast power of an Alicorn, but NOT the abilities of one. Sure, she can change terrain, or even change her size - or become many of herself, but those are PHYSICAL traits (of her surroundings or herself.) She is not a villain type, but she sure makes for a terrible day if she visits your town. 

However, as mentioned before, I did understand where you came from with the 2nd (and in turn, the 3rd) concern(s) - She isn't fully complete just yet - and her interactions with characters has yet to be truly considered. There is room for change in her in the future. 

For that reason, I do thank you for addressing your concerns over her character - overall. Constructive criticism like this certainly helps me think of ways to help balance her overall construction in future reference and additions in times to come. 
T-on-DA Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015
1. I see, so at least it's good to see you will be expanding on the topic hopefully.

2. Writing isn't the easiest thing in the world, understandably.

3. There are some simple and easy ways to balance her powers a bit more, which revolve mostly around one concept - Time.

You could have the character not only have to expend power to reach her height or whatever she's doing, but also expend power to maintain it. Which is a complicated way of saying give a time limit to how long she can stay big. The time limit can be shorter based on size. For example, whilst she may be able to be the size of a house for a long period of time like a day or two, larger sizes like the size seen in the image would put more strain on her powers and body, making them last not long at all (Like an hour tops). This makes the character powerful and certainly a huge threat, (pun not intended mind you) but also gives them restrictions they have to work around. After all, you can be the fastest runner in town, but you sure can't run forever.

Another good balance mechanic for the multiplying ability is to split the power so to speak. For example, if she splits herself into two, each half will only have half the power of the original, and only be able to reach half of the originals maximum height. This means she could split into tones of herself, but it'd put each one individually weaker then the original, forcing them to work around overpowering with numbers instead of sheer strength.

These are just a few concepts you could use as a base to even out the powers a bit.
Chimcharlover13 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015  Professional Writer
Ah, my darling is so beautiful and wonderful! :heart:
Foule Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015
(*Luminescence heard your voice call out to her.) My Champion! My beloved Champion - you are looking as flawless as I - as ever. May we BOTh complement ourselves, and bask in our perfection! 
Chimcharlover13 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015  Professional Writer
*calls back to dear Luminescence* Thank you so much, my darling! You ALWAYS look amazing in every possible way, you sexy-butted goddess~
EppikPhayle Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like her already! ///w^\
Foule Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015
(*Luminescence loomed high above your residence - dwarfing the city and all underneath.) AH YES... Another is smitten by my sheer perfection~. Glorious, is it not? My flawless coat, my beautiful mane and tail... EVERYTHING in perfect promotion and not a speck of dust. 
EppikPhayle Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Any demands you order, I shall gladly follow with haste and not a second thought!" I called out with zeal. Serving our new Giant Goddess is both a duty and a - [i]huge[/i] - honor in my mind!
Kibichan Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015
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